Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So many Squats...

Zillions of the buggers!

So the process starts with prepping the production line of infantry. Rows of warriors and beserkers awaiting their base coat.

Also standing by are some Predators which will be providing some decent armour support.

Loving even just looking at these guys, flashbacks to the 90's.

30 minutes every day

As I was listening to the "Meeples and Miniatures" 10th anniversary special a few days ago, they mentioned in passing a philosophy of getting in just a 'half-hour a day' of painting and the projects will just fly by.
So... let's give it a go. I've been wanting to get my Squat army rounded off for ages, plus the painting itch has been growing for months.
Been wanting to stoke up the airbrush as well :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday night Munchkin

Just a quick entry for a quick Friday night's game of Munchkin. 

Kn, L and I had a fun little game.  I thought I was doing quite well, with a good initial hand that got me up to +8 right away - but it was Kn who quietly and quickly raced ahead and suddenly was equiped with +16.  When he shot ahead to level 9, was ready to have his final battle and whipped out two cards that added another +10 - yeah, that was game over.

Well played, Kn, well played...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Friday, some oldies

Friday, 9 April

After a gap where we were busy on the Friday evenings, we had Kn, Kr and I home this Friday evening (L was off to the art gallery)

We started with an old favourite (I think the kids had a burst of nostalgia) - Super Farmer.  As seems to be typical, my dice rolls plagued me with herd munching predators while the kids cornered the rabbit market and finally built up their super-herd.  A win to Kr with Kn close behind.


The next game was a couple of rounds of the Angry Birds card game, which combines a dice  rolling game with a dexterity challenge at the end as you try to knock over the Boss Pig with a flicked dice.  Simple fun.

Next was Gloom, but some rules confusion undid the game.  So then we finished off with some more Super Farmer, which Kr won again.

Jinx also wanted to play Super Farmer...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Friday stall, long weekend game day

Attempted Catan-Egypt again this Friday, but unfortunately the kids ran out of battery pretty early into the evening, so the game was postponed but never returned to.

However, the long weekend provided a great game day on Monday afternoon with D and R coming over for a nice dinner and plenty of games.

L, Kn and I warmed up with a couple of games of Run Zombie and then a couple of games of Bang the Dice Game.  D and R arrived just then, so we introduced them to Bang and had two great five player games.  The interesting quirk was that despite thorough shuffling and attempts to randomise the dealing of roles, we managed to have exactly the same roles for both games!  R as the Sherrif, D and I as Outlaws, Kn as the Deputy and L as the Renegade.  In the first game the sheriff and deputy won, and the second went to the outlaws.

Then we got into Betrayal at The House on the Hill.  Great fun game although we were all unfortunately eated by a tentacled horror, but you get that/ So that was a win to D.

The last game of the evening was Ticket To Ride, a classic pleaser.  Unpredictable to the end, R came through for a strong second place, with D third and myself a distant last.  But the big win went to L who completed a bunch of routes and secured the longest route with the most trains in a chain I can ever remember seeing! (43)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Building Egypt

Friday 4th March
This Friday night game was Catan - Egypt.
All of us joined in, although poor Kr's batteries ran out first and she more or less snoozed to the finish. The rest of us had a good game, though. I got out to an early lead with some good positioning on the map, but L and Kn managed to get close towards the end - Kn building many Temple Cities and L working the production cards. But I secured the win with the longest trade road and some temple cities and settlements. Good game!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

More robo-painting

Got up a bit early this Saturday morning and enjoyed a quiet hour of painting.  Still working on the figures for RoboRally.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday night Munchkin

26 February 2016
Friday night gaming, and we decided to go with Munchkin!  It's been a while since we last played, but all the fun of dealing and backstabbing was there - Kn doing a good job of running interference as L demonstrated how its done with buying levels and picking good fights.  I had built up a strong 20+ level munchkin, but the dark horse of the day was Kr, who snuck up from behind and came through to win in a close finish. 

The stone tower

21 February 2016
I have been eyeing off this fish-tank decoration for months as a cool piece for my planned sci-fi desert table I'm slowly working on - but it was just a bit more expensive than I was keen to pay.  Not unreasonable, just not at my trigger point.

Until I found it in their half-price bin!


X-Wing 2 : The kid kicks butt

19 February 2016
Kn and I are getting into X-Wing more.  So we lined up for a second Friday night in a row for another game.  The gamer itch had needed a scratch, so we had a new A-Wing to try out as well - Kn opted to take the Rebels this time.
We worked out our small squadrons using the free download of Army Builder which only allows three ships per squadron when trialling it - but that is fine for our purposes right now.  We agreed that 74 points gave us enough points for a reasonable match-up.
The rebels had a named pilot for the A-Wing, and two unnamed pilots for the X-Wing and Y-Wing.  I took the Imperials with a named pilots for all the TIE advanced and two TIE fighters.   I was also keen to try the Swarm Tactics ability as well.

One turn to close and then the next we were into the turning fight and Kn started showing that he has picked up the rules and some of the subtlties of the game pretty fast!  One of my TIE fighters went down quite quickly - killing my idea of using Swarm Tactics.  Another couple of turns and I managed to damage the X-Wing and take the shields of all the other fighters, but also got damaged in the process.  Unable to turn quickly, Kn demonstrated still more understanding of the game, manouvering his ships to set-up an effective kill-box for my crippled ships, and providing some smack along with it.  Somehow, my TIE Advanced survived long enough to make a pass and take out the X-Wing, but was soon cleaned up after that.  A comprehensive win to Kn but the empire will be back!